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QUICK ANIM (Unity Tool)

The easiest way to create and play animations inside Unity !!!

Create and bind Animation Clips within the component.

Thus animation clips no longer needs to be maintained in the project folders.

⏩ Create and add animation clips : Create animation clips directly from the component and playback without need of any external asset clips.

⏩ Playback Speed and Mode : Control playback speed and mode for each clips in the inspector.

⏩ Runtime Debugging : Switch animation clips and control its timeline during runtime.

⏩ Animation Events Support : Call any function from the animation timeline with Animation Events.

⏩ Simple functions to switch animation from code : Play or blend different animation clips with simple functions.

⏩ Unity Event Friendly : Functions are designed to be invoked from unity event directly.

⏩ Full Source Code Included : All scripts included (Editor and Runtime).

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